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What you should know before you select the right installer

  • Installer who will do the service is a person you have never seen before

  • Sales person in the store won’t be at your place during the installation to make sure it’s done right.

  • Price that is established at the store should be the final price (no surprises after installation)

  • Most of the large stores are charging for the estimate.

  • Direction of the floor (straight, 45 angel) should be decided at the time or before the floor purchase

  • Most of the stores is not giving warranty for the floor installation

  • Most of the installers don’t vacuum after removing the carpet only use broom

What you should ask

  • Are they insured.

  • How many people will be installing the floor

  • How the hardwood floor will be installed (glue, nails, staples)

  • How long it will take to install the floor

  • Will my subfloor be properly glued and screwed before the installation to avoid squeaking and cracking

  • Will I need a trim after the installation

  • Will the carpet and garbage be removed by installer

  • Will there be a lot of dust during the installation